San Diego Pain Summit

A multi-disciplinary conference to help clinicians translate pain research into practice. 

SD Virtual Pain Summit Oct. 2020
San Diego Pain Summit Feb. 2021

"We've heard a lot of great comments about the San Diego Pain Summit. Made me wish I was there. In relation to a conference, the comments are quite novel - good vibe, full of deep thinking, unassuming, and respectful people - people who really want to make a difference." - David Butler, NOI

Clinical Pain Education Conference 

The San Diego Pain Summit brings together a curated selection of researchers and practitioners who are leading the way in pain research and education.

  • Keep up with the latest information, discoveries and applications in pain management.
  • Provide better outcomes for your patients
  • Learn how to integrate new credible frameworks into your practice.
  • Connect with like-minded practitioners and educators for support in your journey 


Helping Clinicians Improve Quality of Life for Their Patients

Human beings are occupational centered beings - meaning routine daily activities give people a sense of purpose. When experiencing injury and/or pain, this sense of purpose is disrupted, leading to anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and general loss of quality of life.

The San Diego Pain Summit has nurtured a strong sense of community where occupational therapists, physical therapists and manual therapists can learn how to work with their patients from a patient-centered perspective that is often lacking in healthcare. 


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The San Diego Pain Summit conferences and workshops adhere to the guidelines set by the International Association for the Study of Pain's Curriculum Outline On Pain For Physical Therapy.

"I'm not sure if people out there will fully appreciate what you (the San Diego Pain Summit) are offering them. Seriously- tell everyone you can that Lorimer said "get there"! - Professor Lorimer Moseley, Pain Revolution

"A must- attend conference for any clinician that helps people in a pain. Excellent organisation, video streaming and support pre and post conference. Not only a stunning line up of industry leaders in evidence-based pain management, but networking and community building activities that will enable you to return to your clinic with new knowledge, tools and contacts to do the best for people recovering from the burden of persisting pain." - Lissanthea Taylor

"Thanks for the opportunity to be part of the San Diego Summit. It was a privilege to be part of a group of people who are open to explore pain, its meaning and alternative paths to management. The understanding of pain and its management around the world needs a revolutionary shift – and it needs conferences like this to help promote this culture change." - Dr. Peter O'Sullivan

"I attended the San Diego Pain Summit hoping to learn a little more about pain science. It far surpassed any ideas I may have held about what a conference could be: clinically-relevant information, discussion of the most recent research, new techniques, and roomfuls of the most engaging multidisciplinary colleagues imaginable." - Christine Knapp

"It's been an amazing week. Patients that had been "stuck" were suddenly unstuck, and results have been coming at lightening speed. I can honestly say that the 2017 San Diego Pain Summit has been one of the most valuable and rewarding learning experiences in my career. Truly. What's amazing about this week: I already *knew* most of these concepts already. What the Summit did for me was put them together in ways that I had never considered before." - Dr. Jonathan Fass