Pain Education Conference for Clinicians


Feb. 2021 Conference/Workshops Oct. 2020 Virtual Conference

I'm not sure if people out there will fully appreciate what you (San Diego Pain Summit) are offering them. Seriously, tell everyone you can that Lorimer said, "Get there!"

Helping Clinicians Improve Quality of Life for Their Patients

Human beings are occupational centered beings - meaning routine daily activities give people a sense of purpose. When experiencing injury and/or pain, this sense of purpose is disrupted, leading to anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and general loss of quality of life.

The San Diego Pain Summit has nurtured a strong sense of community where clinicians (from a wide range of disciplines) can attend workshops and presentations to specifically learn how to help patients improve their quality of life. 

It was a privilege to be part of a group of people who are open to exploring pain, its meaning, and alternative paths to management. The understanding of pain and its management around the world needs a revolutionary shift -- and it needs conferences like this to help promote this culture change.

Bridging the Chasm Between Clinical Practice and Pain Research

This event helps occupational therapists, physical therapists and manual therapists learn to bridge the chasm between clinical practice and pain research.

San Diego Pain Summit conferences and workshops are for clinicians who want to keep up with the latest information, discoveries and applications in pain management.

  • Provide better outcomes for your patients
  • Learn how to integrate new credible frameworks into your practice.
  • An opportunity to connect with like-minded practitioners and educators for support in your journey 


The San Diego Pain Summit conferences and workshops adhere to the guidelines set by the International Association for the Study of Pain's Curriculum Outline On Pain For Physical Therapy.

The Summit is a hotspot of incubating ideas, fueled by exceptionally insightful women and men from diverse ideological backgrounds. What the pain research field has yet to learn is that cross-fertilization between leaders in different disciplines is essential in progressing our understanding of how pain impacts the whole person.  If you don’t recognize a Summit speaker, rest assured that they were carefully selected to challenge and extend your worldview. This is why the Summit isn’t about simply acquiring new techniques or catching up on the latest evidence. It’s about immersing yourself in where the field is heading and re-experiencing that inspiration that led you to fall in love with your profession. I will be back next year!


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