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Pain: the Patient's Perspective

Living With Pain

The following presentations gives voice to the patient and shows clinicians how patients perceive their care and teaches us (the clinician) how we might remember the human in standing in front of us, rather than just A "4 o'clock hip".

Guests will share their experiences trying to find a healthcare practitioner who would listen and their journey to learn how to live with chronic pain.

Each year, the San Diego Pain Summit hosts a panel and/or presentations to represent the patient's voice. After each event, they will be uploaded onto this page. 

From the 2018 San Diego Pain Summit

Moderated by Alison Sim

Alison Sim's website: Beyond Mechanical Pain

Joletta Belton website: My Cuppa Jo

Erin Jackson website: Jackson Legal

Mark Renard Twitter: @markdrenard


Panel from the 2019 San Diego Pain Summit.

Moderated by Alison Sim

Keith Meldum Twitter: @keith_meldrum

Kira Stoops

Bronnie Thompson: Website: Health Skills Blog

Twitter: @Adiemusfree


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