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About the San Diego Pain Summit

A Multidisciplinary Pain Education Research Conference


How The San Diego Pain Summit Started 

In 2014, Rajam Roose (a massage therapist with an interest in pain treatment and research) was organizing interdisciplinary continuing education workshops for manual and physical therapists in San Diego.

During a break at one workshop, she overheard the instructor asking the participants if they were learning current pain research in their programs. If they were familiar with pain research experts such as Patrick Wall, David Butler, Lorimer Moseley, etc.

The students nodded their heads, and one spoke out and replied: "Yes, we were taught current pain research at my school but I have no idea how to apply it into my practice." 

Rajam realized there needed to be an event where participants could learn clinical applications of pain research that would be directly relevant to their work. Without any prior experience organizing or managing a conference, Rajam created this multidisciplinary pain management conference and found success from the start.

Her idea received strong support from Professor Lorimer Moseley, who came all the way over from Australia to give two 90 minute keynote presentations at the premier event in 2015 in San Diego, California.

Over the years, the San Diego Pain Summit has evolved into an event where clinicians learn how to have a person-centered practice. 

Watch this video where Rajam Roose explains how she started the San Diego Pain Summit 

Mission Statement

The San Diego Pain Summit is on a mission to change how pain is managed and treated in the healthcare industry by organizing conferences and workshops where clinicians can learn up to date pain education and research. The Summit also includes voices representing the patient’s lived experience, which is an integral part of creating person centered care.

What You Will Find On This Website

You will find the following information on this website: 

Why You Should Attend The San Diego Pain Summit

This multidisciplinary event is for healthcare practitioners who want to keep up with the latest information, discoveries and applications in pain management in order to provide better outcomes for their patients.

The San Diego Pain Summit has developed a reputation for bringing together leading researchers and clinicians who share current pain management and research to provide a curated selection of the most important information to increase the impact of your practice. 

A key reason people attend this event is the strong sense of community, which is fostered and strengthened throughout the Summit at the annual dinner party, during breaks, and during hands-on workshops. 

Post participant evaluation forms and surveys, from 2015 - present, show:

  • 94% of participants consider the information presented/taught extremely relevant for their clinical practice.
  • 97% of participants find immense value in the connections made with other participants/speakers. 

Rajam has focused efforts on nurturing a supported environment where clinicians can feel comfortable in asking the questions to help find deeper meaning in the frameworks used to help their patients.


Rajam Roose

Rajam Roose, CEO/Founder

Rajam is the CEO/Founder and sole organizer of the San Diego Pain Summit, LLC. She was a massage therapist for 16 years and ran a digital marketing consulting business (special skills: social marketing, SEO, & SEM) for massage business owners for five years. Rajam has also published a memoir, Travels With A Road Dog: Hitchhiking Along The Roads Of The Americas, a travel narrative documenting 4.5 years she lived hitchhiking and vagabonding in four countries. She is also a member of the San Diego Chamber of Commerce.

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