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Pain management conference presentations 

Here's were you can watch recordings from the 2015-2017 San Diego Pain Summit for free!


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  • Keynote Dr. Peter O'Sullivan - A Paradigm Shift In Understanding and Treating Back Pain
  • Dr. Roderick Henderson - Making Sense Out of Exercise and Pain
  • Dr. Melissa Farmer - Birth and Death Of the Pain Engram
  • Dr. Beth Darnall, Dr. Leonie Koban, & Dr. Christopher Moyer - Psychosocial Influences On Pain And Its Treatment
  • Dr. Jeffrey Mogil - Pain in Mice and Man: Ironic Adventures in Translation
  • Carolyn Vandyken - Pelvic Floor Dysfunction: The Missing Link in Persistent LBP?
  • Ben Cormack - Stepping Away From Exercise and Towards Movement
  • Dr. Jonathan Fass - A Tree Falls In A Forest: Improving Pain Science Communication To Patients And Peers
  • Dr. Bronnie Thopson presents Paul Lagerman's - Clinicians Get Creative
  • Ben Cormack, Dr. Jonathan Fass, Dr. Jason Silvernail, & Nick Tumminello - Collaboration Forum: Facilitating Professional Dialogue


  • Q&A from Dr. Robert Sapolsky's Keynote
  • Dr. Fabrizio Benedetti - Placebo and Nocebo: Different Contexts, Different Pains
  • Alison Sim - Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Dr. Ravensara Travillian - Professionalization Of Massage Therapy: Integration With Pain Science
  • Dr. Kevin Vowles - Willingness To Have Pain and Commitment To Valued Living In Chronic Pain
  • Dr. Bronnie Thompson - Getting From "Perhaps" To "Yes": Motivation, Confidence And Communication
  • Dr. Michael Shacklock - Clinical Application of the Pain Paradigm: Challenging the Challenge
  • Dr. Sandy Hilton - Practical Pain Science in the Clinic
  • Todd Hargrove - Insights On Movement From A Feldenkrais Perspective


  • Dr. Jason Silvernail - Crossing the Chasm: Integrating Pain Science and Finding Your Way
  • Kara Barnett - Multi-Model Approach to Chronic Pain in an HMO Environment
  • Cory Blickenstaff - Novel Movement Opportunities Using the 'Edgework' Approach
  • Dr. Joe Brence - The M.I.P. Algorithm: A Clinically Applicable Model For Motor Control
  • Barrett Dorko - Simple Contact: Role Of Instinct To Self Correct
  • John Ware - Neurodynamics From The Top, Down
  • Diane Jacobs - Making Connections: Manual Therapy For The Nervous System In Pain
  • Dr. Ravensara Travillian - Stories From The Clinic: What I Wished I Had Known About Pain Science
  • Eric Kruger - Making Progress in the Face of Uncertain Pain
  • Neil Pearson - Yoga Therapy As A Vehicle For Pain Science Education
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