Functional therapeutic movement – lower back and lower limb

Instructor: Ben Cormack

Date: Feb. 21 & 22, 2019

Where: The Dana on Mission Bay, San Diego, California

Fee: $500

Only 10 seats left!

Approved for 1.0 CEUs or 10 hrs by the California Physical Therapy Association.

Ben's Website: Cor-Kinetic




This is NOT JUST another course telling you movement is important or showing you some new exercises but a course about PEOPLE and how to actually apply movement and exercise to them in a systematic and informed way. You could describe it as clinical reasoning for exercise and rehab!

Many therapists struggle taking modern academia around pain and movement and translate it into practical application. This course will outline how to simply apply both physical & cognitively driven components for a therapeutic approach based around HUMANS rather than simply their structures. Functional Therapeutic Movement is a course designed to truly encompass a top down (cognitive) and a bottom up (physical movement) based approach to therapy.

This course is lecture format.


Learning objectives

  • Participants will gain a better understanding of modern models of pain science and be able to explain them to patients
  • Participants will gain an increased appreciation for modern models of movement science
  • Participants will be able to design comprehensive rehabilitation programs for their patients.
  • Participants will be able to identify key factors affecting exercise adherence and plan accordingly.



Feb. 21

9:00am - Check in

9:30am – Intro and key course concepts
10-10:45am – A constraints based approach to movement and a movement masterclass on current movement concepts
10:45 Break
11am – A modern approach to pain – Pain science
11:45am – How does pain affect movement – Research review
12:30pm –Lunch
1:30pm – Overview of current best practice and multi factorial nature of LBP
2pm – Evidence review of current exercise treatments for LBP
2:30pm – Evidence review of movement habits of LBP patients
3pm – Practical class - rehab for LBP
4pm – Designing effective rehab programs for LBP
5pm – Finish

Feb. 22

9:30am – Lower back case studies
10:30am – Beliefs and expectations – How do they affect treatment?
11am – break
11:15am – Effective goal setting
11:45am – Barriers to adherence for home exercise programs
12:30am – Lunch
1:30pm – Evidence based ankle and knee practical rehab
3pm – Designing effective ankle and knee rehab programs
4pm – Ankle and knee case studies
5pm - Close

About Ben Cormack

 Ben has a passion for getting people moving and using and understanding movement as an important tool to help others. Originally from a fitness background, Ben has gone on to study Sports therapy and widely in the fields of rehabilitation, pain science and movement over the last 15 years.

Ben owns and runs Cor-Kinetic, an educational company who use modern research into pain, movement and neuro sciences to provide a reasoning process and rehab skills to those who also place a priority on using movement and exercise as key competencies.  Cor-kinetic have provided educational services for the NHS, Elite level sports clubs and universities as well as individual physio’s, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, sports therapists, rehab, and personal trainers


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