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Treatment Of Sleep and Sensory Processing Issues

Improving The Lived Experience Of People With Pain

Pre-Conference Workshop

Instructor: Natalie Rolle


Available: 25/30

February 22, 2022 & February 23, 2022

Paradise Point Resort, 1404 Vacation Rd, San Diego, CA 92109

Physical therapy CEU pending

Natalie Rolle

About this workshop

This sleep workshop has been modified from the original CBTi workshop that has historically been delivered as a 2.5-day workshop offered through Colorado State University.

This current one-day workshop covers foundational knowledge regarding sleep and insomnia, the why’s behind sleep’s importance to our daily lives and society, basics of CBTi delivery, and strategies to improve sleep across practice settings and client populations.

This workshop will get you started on your journey, or push you along on an already started journey, of sleep training and practice. You should anticipate that you will have lots more self-study after this workshop, but this workshop will be a giant leap in the right direction if you are considering working in, or expanding, your role in behavioral sleep health and chronic insomnia.


Learning Objectives:

  1. Describe the importance of sleep and why we should be talking to our clients about it 
  2. Identify why it is important to understand the physiology of sleep & substances that affect sleep 
  3. Describe the role of your profession in treating sleep challenges/using CBTi-what do you need to practice sleep?
  4. Identify the key components of CBTi and demonstrate a basic understanding of how to use this intervention
  5. Demonstrate an understanding of how daily activities, roles, habits, routines, daily balance, stress management, planning, diet, and exercise all influence our sleep quality and quantity.


Feb. 22

7:30 am: Check in (registration must be made in advance, not accepted at door)

8 am: Introduction to CBTi course & Natalie Rolle MOT OTR/L

8:15 am: Daytime functioning and costs of sleep loss/deprivation/challenge to self and society

8:45 am: Differential diagnosis around sleep disorders

9:30 am: Insomnia diagnosis

10 am: BREAK

10:15 am: Insomnia subtypes

10:35 am: Typical hypnogram/stages & phases of sleep

11 am: Circadian & homeostatic sleep drive systems

12 pm: Break/Lunch

1 pm: Efficacy of CBTi

1:45 pm: Medications & Alt. treatment

3 pm: BREAK

3:15 pm: Sleep Need, Sleep Opportunity, & Sleep Ability

3:30 pm: Sleep related Assessments in General

4:30 pm: CBTi delivery & Contraindications for CBTi

4:50 pm: Wrap up, HW, and questions


Feb. 23

8:00 am- Welcome and time for questions from yesterday 

8:30 am- Decision Tree for CBTi

9 am- Session 1 Assessment

9:45 am- BREAK

10 am: Session 2 Sleep restriction & stimulus control

11:30 am: Session 3 Titration/monitoring & dysfunctional beliefs about sleep

12:15 pm: BREAK/Lunch

1:30 pm: Session 4 Sleep Hygiene

2:30 pm: Session 5 Mindfulness/perspective & Scheduling

3:15 pm: Session 6 & 7, Metaphors, Calc SE, & Discharge 

4:15 pm: Post-test, questions, and end of session

About the Instructor 

Natalie Rolle has been helping people sleep using non-drug methods since 2015 when she began working with student Veterans at Colorado State University (CSU) at the Center for Community Partnerships.  An important part of helping Veterans have successful higher education outcomes was the Restoring Effective Sleep Tranquility (REST) program that uses cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia (CBTI). Natalie spends most of her time supporting Veterans with chronic insomnia to achieve better sleep quality resulting in improved daytime functioning and quality of life.

Natalie (MOT OTR/L) earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology with an organismal concentration from (CSU) in 2012 graduating cum laude. Natalie then went on to complete her Master’s Degree in Occupational Therapy (OT) from CSU in 2014. Subsequently she was trained in CBTI at the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine in both basic and advanced courses. Natalie began seeing additional clients at Northern Colorado Sleep Consultants, LLC in early 2018 where she was trained by Dr. Moorcroft in another behavioral treatment for insomnia called guided mindfulness meditation with acceptance treatment for insomnia (GMATI). This added to her experience of working with mindfulness and meditation since 2015

Natalie has multiple publications as well as given numerous presentations locally, nationally, and internationally.

She uses the same behavioral methods for insomnia and sleep-related problems as Dr. Moorcroft and enjoys working with all people in addition to veterans.