Expert Clinical Presenters

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Meet the presenters for the 2020 San Diego Pain Summit! These esteemed clinicians and researchers will be presenting on Feb. 15 - 16, 2020.

More information, such as bio's, titles, and synopses will be added so please check back around June/July 2019.


  • Keynote Dr. Melanie Noel
  • Lars Avemarie
  • Joletta Belton
  • Cory Blickenstaff
  • Ben Cormack
  • Diarmuid Denneny
  • Dr. Jarod Hall
  • Dr. Sandy Hilton | Dr. Maxi Miciak | Dr. Mark Milligan
  • Dr. Marcos Lopez
  • Jamie Lowy
  • Dr. Neil O'Connell
  • Erik Ouellet
  • Dr. David Walton

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