Clinical Education Workshops

Pre-conference workshops for the week of the 2019 San Diego Pain Summit. Workshops and conference portions of the Summit week are sold separately.

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Clinical Workshops and Hands-On Education

For more information such as objectives, scheduling, & format, please click on title of workshop.


Feb. 19 -20: Shoulder & Knee- Complex Understanding for Simple Solutions. Instructors: Adam Meakins & Erik Meira

Available seats: 25


Feb. 19 - 20: The Pain Picture - Exploring Complex Pain States. Instructor: Tim Beames

Available seats: 18


Feb. 21 - 22: Functional Therapeutic Movement. Instructor: Ben Cormack

Available seats: 29


Feb. 21 - 22: Interactive Improv on Patient Communication w/ Dr. Sandy Hilton, Mike Stewart, Alison Sim, and Dr. Keith Waldron

Available seats: 40


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