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Over 40 hours of pain science education for only $12.99/month.

Get access to all of the San Diego Pain Summit conference videos from 2015 to present. New presentations are uploaded after each annual conference.

These pain education videos are appropriate for physical therapists, assistant physical therapists, occupational therapists, massage therapists, chiropractors, physicians, and any other healthcare practitioner who wants to learn more about how to develop frameworks to help their patients that are based on up to date pain research.

All prior Summit presentations are found here except 2015 Keynote Prof. Lorimer Moseley, 2016 Keynote Dr. Robert Sapolsky, & 2016 Greg Lehman (Lehman's 2017 presentation is included in membership).

Want to know what is in the Pain Summit Online Membership site? 

Presentations are divided into the following categories below. Members have access to all categories. 

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Continuing Education for Clinicians

The clinical pain research and education videos found in the Online Summit Membership are each 45 minutes long and include the 15-20 minute long question and answer after each presentation.

Also included with presentations are the following downloads:*

  • Presenter bio
  • Presenter's social networks/website
  • Presenter slides
  • Presenter handouts
  • Clear video shots of each slide in the presenter's slide deck

*Please note that not all presenters have given permission to share slides and not all presenters used handouts.


Pain Science Membership 

As a member of the Pain Summit Online site, you get unlimited viewing access to ALL video presentations. They can be viewed on any device, at anytime with WiFi. 

Cancelling is easy and can be done at anytime. Once your account is cancelled you will immediately lose access to the membership page. 


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