Interactive Improv: Improving Communication with Patients

Instructors: Dr. Sandy Hilton, Mike Steward, Alison Sim, and Dr. Keith Waldron

Date: Feb. 21 & 22, 2019

Where: The Dana on Mission Bay, San Diego, California

Fee: $500

Only 35 seats left!

Sandy's Website: Entropy Physio

Mike's Website: Know Pain

Alison's Website: Beyond Mechanical Pain

Keith's Website: Keith's Korner



About this workshop:

Improving our communication skills with patients using improv and role playing.



* Review the science of therapeutic alliance and it’s influence on clinical outcomes 

* Look at how we can improve the therapeutic alliance in our interactions with clients  

* Look at Acceptance and Commitment Therapy as a therapeutic entity and review the basics of the model 



Feb. 21

8:30am: Check in

9am: session1 - collaboratively lead by all instructors 

Introduction and outline of objectives 

Warm up improvisation session

Brainstorm - “What are the blocks/hurdles for communication for manual and exercise therapists?” 

Empathy and rapport - brainstorm - “What elements in our communication can increase rapport or therapeutic alliance”  

10am: Short lecture session 

Alison - the science of rapport and empathy - what does the literature tell us?  

10:30am: Reflective listening role play exercise 

11am - 11:20am: Break 

11:20am: Mike leads session - Title: "I feel so stupid because I can't tell you how it feels!" Empowering people in pain to express themselves.

This session will explore the evidence regarding a narrative approach to healthcare communication, and will integrate practical skills to enable people to talk about, and make sense of, their experience.  

1pm - 1:45pm: Lunch 

1:45pm: Sandy Leads session - Eye contact: with the literature supporting the challenges and cultural implications.

Circle game: a ‘passing game’ that increases in complexity and memory.

Listening: supporting literature. Game.

3:15pm:  Break 

3:30pm: Keith leads session - Topic TBA 

5pm Finish  


Feb. 22

9am: Sandy Leads session - Collaborative Development 

9:45am: Mike leads session -  It Takes Two to Tango: Developing your teaching toolkit.

This session aims to develop your understanding of the varied roles of the practice-based educator by exploring the collaboration-co-operation gap, experiential learning methods and the dynamic relationship between challenge and support. 

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