About the San Diego Pain Summit

The San Diego Pain Summit is a continuing education pain science conference. This event was founded by Rajam Roose and formed in a spur of the moment idea. Back in 2014, she organized a continuing education workshop for manual therapists. During one of the breaks, she overheard the instructor asking a couple the students (who had recently graduated from a physical therapy program) if they had learned anything about pain science in school. Such as from experts such as Patrick Wall, David Butler, Lorimer Moseley, etc.

The students nodded their heads, yes, and then one spoke out and replied: "Yes, we were taught about pain science at my school but I have no idea how to apply it into my practice."

A flash of an idea and the Summit was born. The San Diego Pain Summit aims to connect clinical practice and pain research together under one roof in an interdisciplinary gathering.

The San Diego Pain Summit conference format is linear, affording each participant access to all of the presentations available without having to choose between equally relevant and important topics.

The sense of community is another key reason people attend the Summit, and the value of community is fostered and strengthened throughout the Summit through the casual Networking Event, during breaks, and in the hands-on workshops.

Prior and upcoming keynote speakers:

  • Professor Lorimer Moseley (2015)
  • Dr. Robert Sapolsky (2016)
  • Dr. Peter O'Sullivan (2017)
  • Dr. Neil O'Connell (2018)
  • Dr. Antonio Damasio (2019)

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We have heard a lot of really good comments about the San Diego Pain Summit. Made me wish I was there. In relation to a conference, the comments are quite novel – good vibe, full of deep thinking, unassuming and respectful people – people who really want to make a difference

Rajam Roose is the CEO & Founder of the San Diego Pain Summit, LLC.  She currently resides in San Diego where she has recently launched a new venture, Grow Your Massage Business,  to help small business owners learn how to use internet marketing. Rajam has also published a memoir, Travels With A Road Dog: Hitchhiking Along The Roads Of The Americasa travel narrative documenting 4.5 years she lived hitchhiking and vagabonding in four countries.

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