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Pain Summit Online*

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Your one-time payment of $279  gives access to presentations from 2018 - 2021.

Includes instant access when future conference presentations are uploaded.

Sliding scale pricing available for international clinicians.

Each presentation includes:

  • Professionally recorded

  • Speaker biographies

  • Citations

  • Downloadable slides (if speaker gave permission to share).

Pain Summit Online contains the following conference presentations.


2021 SD Virtual Pain Summit

  • Jackie Walumbe - Just get on with it”- an exploration of the ideological, interventional and experiential meanings of self-management of chronic pain
  • Dr. Nathan Hutting - Do It Yourself (DIY): Self-management support
  • Annie O’Conner - Pain Is Complex But It Doesn't Have To Be Complicated
  • Dr. Biafra Ahanonu - Illuminating neural circuit dynamics of pain processing with in vivo imaging and computational techniques
  • Blaise Doran - Managing persistent pain in young people: Assembling the physical, psychological, social through the philosophical
  • Sheren Gaulbert - What Is Really Being Communicated? Recognizing Incongruencies In Clinical Interactions
  • Keynote Dr. Melanie Noel - Trauma and Pain: An Inter-generational Problem
  • Linda Crawford - Do, Feel, Think--Humanizing the Pain Experience: An Occupational Therapy Perspective
  • Michael Amato - Pain and Attention: Focusing on the Lived Body
  • Paul McCambridge -Implementation Of Clinical Guidelines - The Big Problem
  • Keynote Dr. John Launer - Conversations Inviting Change: Narrative-Based Practice in Health Care
  • Dr. Rachel Zoffness - CBT for Chronic Pain: Bridging the Gap between Medicine & Psychology
  • Dr. Richard McIlmoyle - Stop searching for the Sasquatch. Throwing time, money and effort on mechanistic predictors for responders to manipulation is a mythical journey
  • Amy Eicher - A Tale Of Two Stories, Our Needs & Their Needs: The Power Of Words & How We Affect Conditions For Healing In Chronic Pain Patients


2020 SD Virtual Pain Summit

  • Dr. Timothy Wideman - How to think about pain– toward a person-centered perspective
  • Dr. Tim Salomons - Biomarkers of Vulnerability and Resilience to Pain
  • Dr. Catherine Siengsukon - The Relationship Between Sleep and Pain: What To Do?
  • Dr. Felicity Braithwaite - The Magic Of Placebo
  • Laura Rathbone - What about us? How psychologically flexible are we?
  • Dr. Michael Ray - Pain: Exploring the Human Experience
  • Devra Sheldon - Persistent Pain: Shame and Stigma in Clinical Encounters
  • Dr. Sandy Hilton - Mind The Gap
  • Dr. Jason Silvernail - Difficult Conversations and Patient Noncompliance
  • Kathryn Gloor - Seek First to Understand
  • Dr. Philip Austin - Virtual Reality For The Treatment Of Chronic Pain Disorders
  • Keynote Dr. Tasha Stanton - Targeting Pain From Many Angles


2020 San Diego Pain Summit

  • Keynote Dr. Melanie Noel - Remembering the Pain of Childhood
  • Diarmuid Denneny - Psychologically Informed Practice: Beyond The Two Day Workshop
  • Lars Avemarie - The Future of Pain Rehabilitation
  • Dr. Neil O'Connell - Low Back Pain: What Have Clinical Guidelines Done For Us?
  • Cory Blickenstaff - The Next Edge of Interaction
  • Dr. Marcos Lopez - Clouded Hope: Our Role In Addressing Opioid Use Disorder
  • Erik Ouellet - Deconstructing Palpation: The Illusion of Touch
  • Ben Cormack - Making Moving Person Centered
  • Joletta Belton & Keith Meldrum - The Lived Experience: A Conversation About Pain
  • Jamie Lowy - Chronic Pain Management In Low Income And Homeless Populations: When Uncertainty Is The New Normal
  • Dr. Jarod Hall - Becoming A Responsible Human Interactor
  • Dr. David Walton - Blood, Spit, Hair, and Poop: How Novel Biomarkers Are Shedding New Light On The Transition To Chronic Pain
  • Dr. Sandy Hilton, Dr. Maxi Miciak, Dr. Mark Milligan, & Dr. Uchenna Ossai, Know It, Own It, Change It - Transforming the Way We Think and Do Health and Health Care for the Good of All


2019 San Diego Pain Summit

  • Keynote Dr. Antonio Damasio - About The Psychology of Feeling
  • Dr. Maxi Miciak - ‘Being’ Begets ‘Doing’: Establishing the Conditions Necessary for Cultivating Therapeutic Relationships
  • Sharna Prasad - As Providers What We Say Matters...Matters A Lot
  • Dr. Mark Bishop - You, Them, Us: What You Expect Is What You Get
  • Shelly Prosko - A Case for Compassion in Pain Care
  • Dr. Karen Davis - Are We Ready To Translate Research Into Practice?
  • Dr. Tim Beames - Evidence For Altered Body Perception In Pain
  • Keith Waldron - In Pursuit of a Premise
  • Katie Schopmeyer -  I am Not a Number: understanding and improving pain assessment mandates in healthcare 
  • Pain: The Patient’s Perspective - 2019
  • Dr. Sandy Hilton & Dr. Mark Milligan - Even Superheroes Need a Hand


2018 San Diego Pain Summit

  • Keynote Dr. Neil O'Connell - Negotiating The Evidence Maze In Persistent Pain
  • Dr. Mark Milligan - Implementing Pain Science Education Into Clinical Practice
  • Dr. Greg Lehman - When Biomechanics DOESN'T Matter: A Choose Your Own Adventure Lecture
  • Dr. Sarah Haag - Pregnancy Does Not Equal Pain
  • Dr. Laura Simons & Dr. Rikard Wicksell - Fear In Chronic Pain: Mechanisms & Effective Treatment
  • Mike Stewart - More Than Words: How Can We Help People Express Their Experience Of Pain?
  • Dr. A. Vania Apkarian - The Brain In Chronic Pain
  • Patient Perspective Panel
  • Dr. Bahram Jam - The Pain Truth & Nothing But: Simplifying Pain Education
  • Dr. Nicolas V. Karayannis - Cultivating Mindfulness and Compassion In Our Lives
  • Dr. Mark Kargela - The Patient's Story: The Science Behind The Story
  • Dr. Christopher Caldwell - Serenity Amidst Pushback