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Pain Science Education for Physical Therapists and Manual Therapists

These pain education videos are appropriate for physical therapists, assistant physical therapists, occupational therapists, massage therapists, chiropractors, physicians, and any other healthcare practitioner who wants to learn more about how to develop frameworks to help their patients that are based on up to date pain research.

Watch this free presentation from Dr. Jason Silvernail at the 2015 San Diego Pain Summit, Crossing the Chasm: Integrating Pain Science and Finding Your Way.


Pain Summit Online Education Membership 

Over 40 hours of pain science education for a small investment of only $12.99/month! Even if you can only watch one presentation per month, the investment has paid for itself!

Get access to all of the San Diego Pain Summit conference videos from 2015 to present. New presentations are uploaded after each annual conference.

Presentations are divided into the following categories below. Click each section to see presenters and topics. 

  • Clinical Applications and Frameworks
  • The following video presentations provide education on various ways to use pain research in clinical practice. 

    This video set in the Pain Summit Online membership site includes:

    • A Paradigm Shift in Understanding and Treating Back Pain by 2017 Keynote: Peter O'Sullivan, Dip Physio, Post Grad Dip Manip Ther, PhD, FACP, APAM
    • Clinicians Get Creative by Bronnie Lennox Thompson, Ph.D.
    • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy by Alison Sim
    • Implementing Pain Science Education Into Clinical Practice by Mark Milligan, PT, DPT, Cert TPS, OCS, FAAOMPT
    • Insights On Movement From A Feldenkrais Perspective by Todd Hargrove
    • Making Progress In The Face Of Uncertain Pain by Erik Kruger, DPT
    • Making Sense Out Of Exercise And Pain by Roderick Henderson, PT, ScD, OCS, CSCS
    • Neurodynamics From The Top, Down by John Ware, PT
    • Novel Movement Opportunities Using The 'Edgework" Approach by Cory Blickenstaff, PT, MS, OCS
    • Negotiating The Evidence Maze In Persistent Pain by 2018 Keynote Neil O'Connell, PhD, MSc
    • Practical Pain Science In The Clinic by Sandy Hilton, DPT, MSc
    • Pregnancy Does Not Equal Pain by Sarah Haag, PT, DPT, MS, WCS Cert. MDT, RYT
    • Professionalism Of Massage Therapy: Integration With Pain Science by Ravensara Travillian, Ph.D.
    • Simple Contact: Role Of Instinct To Self Correct by Barrett Dorko, PT
    • Stepping Away From Exercise And Towards Movement by Ben Cormack
    • The M.I.P. Algorithm: A Clinically Applicable Model For Motor Control by Joe Brence, DPT, FAAOMPT, COMT, DAC
    • When Biomechanics DOESN'T Matter: A Choose Your Own Adventure Lecture by Greg Lehman, DC, MScPT
    • Willingness To Have Pain And Commitment To Valued Living In Pain by Kevin Vowles, Ph.D.
    • Yoga Therapy As A Vehicle For Pain Science Education by Neil Pearson, MSc, BScPT, BA-BPHE, CYT, RYT500
  • Improving Dialogue with Colleagues and Patients
  • The following video presentations can be found in this portion of the Pain Summit Online membership site:

    • Collaboration Forum: Facilitating Professional Dialogue moderated by Karen Litzy with guests: Ben Cormack, Jonathan Fass, PT, DPT, CSCS, Jason Silvernail DPT, DSc, FAAOMPT, and Nick Tumminello
    • Getting From "Perhaps" To "Yes": Motivation, Confidence, And Communication by Bronnie Thompson, Ph.D.
    • Improving Pain Science Communication To Patients And Peers by Jonathan Fass, PT, DPT, CSCS
    • More Than Words: How Can We Help People Express Their Experience Of Pain? by Mike Stewart MCSP SRP MSc PG Cert
    • Multi-Model Approach To Chronic Pain In An HMO Environment by Kara Barnett, MPT, OCS
    • Stories From The Clinic: What I Wished I Had Known About Pain Science by Ravensara Travillian, Ph.D.
    • The Pain Truth And Nothing But: Simplifying Pain Education by Bahram Jam, D.Sc.PT, M.PHty, B.Sc.PT, FCAMT
    • The Patient's Story: The Science Behind The Story by Mark Kargela, PT, DPT, OCS, FAAOMPT
  • Science: Exploring Pain Research
    • Birth And Death Of The Pain Engram by Melissa Farmer, Ph.D.
    • Fear In Chronic Pain: Mechanisms In Effective Treatment by Laura Simons, Ph.D. and Rickard Wicksell, Ph.D.
    • Pain In Mice And Man: Ironic Adventures In Translation by Jeffrey Mogil, Ph.D.
    • Placebo And Nocebo: Different Contexts, Different Pains by Fabrizio Benedetti, Ph.D.
    • Psychosocial Influences On Pain And It's Treatment moderated by Dr. Jeffrey Mogil, guests were: Beth Darnall, Ph.D., Leonie Koban, Ph.D., and Christopher Moyer, Ph.D.
    • The Brain In Chronic Pain by A. Vania Apkarian, BSc, MSc, Ph.D.
  • Anatomy: The Essential Sciences
  • The following presentations cover the essential sciences.

    • Clinical Application Of The Pain Paradigm: Challenging The Challenge by Michael Shacklock, DipPhysio, MAppSc, FACP
    • Making Connections: Manual Therapy For The Nervous System In Pain by Diane Jacobs, PT
    • Pelvic Floor Dysfunction: The Missing Link In Persistent LBP? by Carolyn Vandyken, BHSc (PT), Cred MDT, CCMA
  • Self Care for the Clinician
  • The following are Summit presentations on how clinicians can practice self care.

    • Cultivating Mindfulness And Compassion In Our Lives by Nicholas V. Karayannis, MPT, PhD
    • Serenity Amidst Pushback by Christopher T. Caldwell, D.O.

Continuing Education for Clinicians

The clinical pain research and education videos found in the Online Summit Membership are each 45 minutes long and include the 15-20 minute long question and answer after each presentation.

Also included with presentations are the following downloads:*

  • Presenter bio
  • Presenter's social networks/website
  • Presenter slides
  • Presenter handouts
  • Clear video shots of each slide in the presenter's slide deck

*Please note that not all presenters have given permission to share slides and not all presenters used handouts.


Pain Science Membership 

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*All prior Summit presentations are found here except 2015 Keynote Prof. Lorimer Moseley, 2016 Keynote Dr. Robert Sapolsky (the 30 min Q&A is available though), & 2016 Greg Lehman (Lehman's 2017 presentation is included in membership).


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