NCBTMB CE will not be valid after Sept. 19, 2020. If purchasing for the home study NCBTMB CE, you must complete program/s by that date.

Pain Science Courses for Massage Therapists*

Each course, created by a massage therapists, is based on presentations from San Diego Pain Summit conferences and contains:

+ Four 45 min. lectures followed by a 15 min. Q&A 

+ Clear camera shots of all speaker slides

+ Multiple choice quiz

Instantly download a certificate with a passing score of 70%

+ Video presentations are streaming, requires WiFi to watch


These courses will no longer be approved after Sept. 18, 2020 for NCBTMB CE's. If you want credit, take the courses before that date.

Best Offer! All 5 courses. 

All Five Programs, Part 1 - 5

$117.00 USD

Clinical Pain Science, Part 1

* Crossing the Chasm: Integrating Pain Science and Finding Your Way by Dr. Jason Silvernail

* Novel Movement Opportunities Using the Edgework Approach by Cory Blickenstaff 

* The M.I.P. Algorithm: A Clinically Applicable Model for Motor Control by Dr. Joe Brence

* Making Connections: Manual Therapy for the Nervous System In Pain by Diane Jacobs

Clinical Pain Science, part 1

$37.00 USD

Clinical Pain Science, Part 2

* Practical Pain Science In The Clinic by Dr. Sandy Hilton

* Clinical Application of the Pain Paradigm: Challenging the Challenge by Dr. Michael Shacklock

* Getting From "Perhaps" To "Yes": Motivation, Confidence, and Communication

* Willingness To Have Pain & Commitment To Valued Living In Pain by Dr. Kevin Vowles

Clinical Pain Science, part 2

$37.00 USD

Clinical Pain Science, Part 3

* Making Progress In The Face Of Uncertain Pain by Dr. Eric Kruger

* A Paradigm Shift In Understanding And Treating Back Pain by Dr. Peter O'Sullivan

* Improving Pain Science Communication To Patients & Peers by Dr. Jonathan Fass

* When BioMechanics Doesn't Matter: A Choose Your Own Adventure Lecture by Greg Lehm

Clinical Pain Science, part 3

$37.00 USD

Clinical Pain Science, Part 4

* Negotiating The Evidence Maze In Persistent Pain by Dr. Neil O'Connell

* More Than Words: How Can We Help People Express Their Experience Of Pain? by Mike Stewart

* The Patient's Story: The Science Behind The Story by Dr. Mark Kargela

* Implementing Pain Science Education In The Clinic by Dr. Mark Milligan

Clinical Pain Science, part 4

$37.00 USD

Clinical Pain Science, Part 5

* Pregnancy Does Not Equal Pain by Dr. Sarah Haag

* Being Begets 'Doing': Establishing The Conditions Necessary For Cultivating Therapeutic Relationships by Dr. Maxi Miciak

* Even Superheroes Need A Hand by Dr. Sandy Hilton & Dr. Mark Milligan

* The Brain In Chronic Pain by Dr. A. Vania Apkarian

Clinical Pain Science, part 5

$37.00 USD