Making Sense of the Evidence

Dates: Feb. 13 -14, 2020

Where: The Dana on Mission Bay, San Diego, California

Instructor: Dr. Neil O'Connell

Fee: $550 ($50 off for first 5 registrants)

This intermediate workshop will consist of a mix of lecture and group activity (no hands-on). For the workshops, prior to the course, participants will be directed to contemporary open-access trials and systematic reviews (titles TBC) to read. These will be critically discussed using a critical appraisal tool in small groups followed by a large group discussion. At all times, the emphasis will be on keeping the process clinically relevant, fun, and interactive.

This workshop is designed for current clinicians and aims to enable participants to become better users of clinical effectiveness research. The course will explain and cut-through the jargon of trials and systematic reviews and offer a framework for critically appraising these types of research papers.

The broad aim is that participants will develop the skills to go beyond the abstract of a paper and be able to make detailed and informed judgements regarding the validity and results of trials and systemic reviews and to consider what those results might mean to their practice.

Upon completion of this course, the participant will be able to:

  • Describe the various designs of clinical trials and discuss what each design offers
  • Describe the basic structure of a systematic reviews
  • Distinguish and identify the major risks of bias and threats to internal validity in RCT's and Systematic reviews
  • Analyze and appraise a basic meta-analysis
  • Differentiate the meaning of a range of different commonly used effect sizes
  • Distinguish the applicability of research results to everyday practice
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