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2022 San Diego Pain Summit


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Workshops, dinner party, and 2 day conference are sold separately. 

Workshops: Feb. 22 - 25, Each workshop is $450, first 5 registrants get $50 off, reg. $500

Dinner Party: Feb. 25, $75

Conference: Feb. 26 - 27, $570, First 15 registrants get $50 off, reg. $620

Student Discount for Conference: $375, find out how to apply here.

Live Stream option available for the conference on Feb. 26-27. $250

Live stream includes:

  • Watch in live time
  • Participate in Q&A after each talk
  • Participate in prize drawings
  • Indefinite access to recordings from live streaming presentations
  • Does not include workshops


Workshops To Help Improve Your Clinical Practice

February 22 - 25

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February 22 & 23 - Linda Crawford and Natalie Rolle - Treatment Of Sleep and Sensory Processing Issues: Improving The Lived Experience Of People With Pain

February 22 & 23 - Dr. Sandy Hilton and Dr. Mark Milligan - Building Up or Burning Out: Your Path Forward

February 24 & 25 - David Poulter - Patient Centered Assessment and Treatment

February 24 & 25 - Dr. Sarah Haag - Pelvic Health

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Expert Clinical Speakers 


February 26 - 27

$570, 1st 15 registrants get $50 off, reg. $620

Meet the presenters and breakout session leaders for the 2022 San Diego Pain Summit. 

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Melanie Noel

Keynote Dr. Melanie Noel

Dr. Uchenna Ossai

Keynote Dr. Uchenna Ossai


Dr. Tasha Stanton

Keynote Dr. Tasha Stanton


Dr. Joel Bialosky

Dr. Joel Bialosky

Todd Davenport

Dr. Todd Davenport

Dr. Jarod Hall

Dr. Jarod Hall


Dr. Mark Kargela

Dr. Mark Kargela


Matt Low

Dr. Matt Low

Syreeta Nolan

Syreeta Nolan

Daria Oller

Daria Oller

David Poulter

David Poulter

Dr. Jason Silvernail

Dr. Jason Silvernail

Dr. Lisa VanHoose

Dr. Lisa VanHoose

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