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Life Mastery Clinical Pain Summit 

Welcome to the Life Mastery Institute's Clinical Pain Summit. These are a series of recorded discussions I had with eighteen respected clinicians on various topics concerning patient care, pain education, organizing pain education meetup groups, and much more!

This event ran for three days on Oct. 29-31, 2019. You can now have unlimited access to all the recordings for 197.00.

Each discussion is about 60 min. in length and ends with an actionable idea that you can utilize right away to improve your clinical outcomes!

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Meet the Clinicians

List of clinicians who gave their time to participate in this event and the topics we discussed.

Cory Blickenstaff, PT, MS, OCS - Adjusting the lens of the biopsychosocial model.

Angie Clerc-Hawke (gen. manager of Pain Revolution, project started by Professor Lorimer Moseley) - Organizing the Pain Revolution.

Amy Eicher, BSED, MAR, PTA - The importance of story: considering the way we interact with those in pain.

Michael Falcon, OTD, OTR/L, MHA, BS - Opioids, pain, and self-care: curriculum for high schools.

Jonathan Fass, DPT - Discussing the pain and reasoning model.

Sarah Haag, DPT - Venn diagram of pain and dysfunction.

Jarod Hall, DPT, OCS, CSCS - Nine things every person should know about pain.

Sandy Hilton, DPT - "How do I get paid for this?" Fitting a biopsychosocial (BPS) practice into traditional billing structures.

Todd Hargrove, CR, CFP, JD - Playing with movement.

Bahram Jam, PT - Preventing V.O.M.I.T. (Victims Of Medical Imaging Technology).

Mark Kargela, DPT, OCS, cert-MDT, MTC, FAAOMPT - Limitations of manual therapy.

Karen Litzy, DPT - How to help patients with their recovery process from a place of compassion and honesty.

Mark Milligan, DPT, Cert TPS, OCS, FAAOMPT - Introducing patients to movement. 

Neil Pearson, PT, MSc(RHBS), BA-BPHE, C-IAYT, ERYT500 - Considering 'explain pain' education as a tool for increasing therapeutic alliance.

Shelly Prosko, PT, C-IAYT, CPI - Insight into compassion, the foundation of pain care.

Mike Stewart, MCSP SRP BSc (Hons), MSc PG Cert (Clin Ed) - "I feel so stupid because I can't give you a proper answer." Exploring the challenges and potential solutions of expressing a pain experience. 

Justin Ternes, DPT - How to create and nurture local meetup groups to help educate the general public about pain. 

Julie Wiebe, PT - Fitness as applied pain science. 


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