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Pain Summit Online

The Pain Summit Online is a streaming product where you can get access video recordings of all San Diego Pain Summit conference from 2015 - present online from any device (with WiFi).

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Access to Pain Summit Online includes:

  • 60+ hrs of pain education and research
  • Citations, biographies, handouts (if applicable)
  • Downloadable slides (if speaker allowed sharing) 
  • Watch anywhere on any device (w/WiFi)
  • Instant access when future conference presentations are uploaded


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The following presentations are free to watch, click the link to go to the video:

Crossing the Chasm by Dr. Jason Silvernail (2015)

A Tree Falls In The Forest: Improving Communication by Dr. Jonathon Fass (2017)

Pain In Mice & Men: Ironic Adventures In Translation by Dr. Jeffrey Mogil (2017)

Transforming The Way We Think And Do Healthcare, panel w/ Dr. Sandy Hilton, Dr. Mark Milligan, Dr. Maxi Miciak, & Dr. Uchenna Ossai (2020)

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Pain Summit Online contains the following presentations:

Clinical Applications & Frameworks

  • The Future of Pain Rehabilitation in Healthcare by Lars Avemarie
  • Multi-Model Approach To Chronic Pain In An HMO Environment by Kara Barnett
  • Evidence For Altered Body Perception In Pain by Tim Beames
  • You, Them, Us: What You Expect Is What You Get by Dr. Mark Bishop  
  • Pregnancy Does Not Equal Pain by Dr. Sarah Haag
  • Practical Pain Science In The Clinic by Dr. Sandy Hilton
  • Making Connections: Manual Therapy For The Nervous System In Pain by Diane Jacobs
  • Making Progress In The Face Of Uncertain Pain by Dr. Erik Kruger
  • When Biomechanics DOESN'T Matter: A Choose Your Own Adventure Lecture by Dr. Greg Lehman
  • Implementing Pain Science Education Into Clinical Practice by Dr. Mark Milligan
  • Negotiating The Evidence Maze In Persistent Pain by 2018 Keynote Dr. Neil O'Connell
  • A Paradigm Shift in Understanding and Treating Back Pain by 2017 Keynote: Dr. Peter O'Sullivan
  • I Am Not A Number: Understanding and Improving Pain Assessment Mandates In Healthcare by Dr. Kathryn Schopmeyer
  • Clinical Application Of The Pain Paradigm: Challenging The Challenge by Michael Shacklock
  • Clinicians Get Creative presented by Dr. Bronnie Lennox Thompson (created by Paul Lagerman)
  • Professionalism Of Massage Therapy: Integration With Pain Science by Dr. Ravensara Travillian
  • Pelvic Floor Dysfunction: The Missing Link In Persistent LBP? by Carolyn Vandyken
  • Willingness To Have Pain And Commitment To Valued Living In Pain by Dr. Kevin Vowles
  • Neurodynamics From The Top, Down by John Ware
  • In Pursuit Of A Premise by Keith Waldron 


Exercise and Movement

  • Novel Movement Opportunities Using The 'Edgework" Approach by Cory Blickenstaff
  • The M.I.P. Algorithm: A Clinically Applicable Model For Motor Control by Dr. Joe Brence
  • Stepping Away From Exercise And Towards Movement by Ben Cormack
  • Simple Contact: Role Of Instinct To Self Correct by Barrett Dorko
  • Insights On Movement From A Feldenkrais Perspective by Todd Hargrove
  • Making Sense Out Of Exercise And Pain by Dr. Roderick Henderson
  • Yoga Therapy As A Vehicle For Pain Science Education by Neil Pearson


Social Considerations in Pain Care

  • Know It, Own It, Change It - Transforming the Way We Think and Do Health and Health Care for the Good of All with panalists Dr. Sandy Hilton, Dr. Maxi Miciak, Dr. Mark Milligan, & Dr. Uchenna Ossai
  • Clouded Hope: Our Role In Addressing Opioid Use Disorder by Dr. Marcos Lopez
  • Chronic Pain Management In Low Income And Homeless Populations: When Uncertainty Is The New Normal by Jamie Lowy
  • Q&A from Dr. Robert Sapolsky's keynote presentation
  • Stories From The Clinic: What I Wished I Had Known About Pain Science by Dr. Ravensara Travillian


Improving Dialogue with Colleagues & Patients

  • Collaboration Forum: Facilitating Professional Dialogue moderated by Karen Litzy with guests: Ben CormackDr. Jonathan FassDr. Jason Silvernail, and Nick Tumminello
  • Improving Pain Science Communication To Patients And Peers by Dr. Jonathan Fass


Patient Perspectives

  • 2018 Pain: The Patient's Perspective with Mark RenardJoletta Belton, & Erin Jackson
  • 2019 Pain: The Patient's Perspective with Kira StoopsBronnie Thompson, & Keith Meldrum
  • 2020 A Conversation About Pain with Joletta Belton and Keith Meldum


Psychologically Informed Approaches to Pain Care

  • The Pain Truth & Nothing But: Simplifying Pain Education by Dr. Bahram Jam
  • Making Movement Person Centered by Ben Cormack
  • Psychology Informed Practice: Beyond the Two Day Workshop by Diarmuid Denneny
  • Becoming A Responsible Human Interactor by Dr. Jarod Hall
  • The Patient's Story: The Science Behind the Story by Dr. Mark Kargela
  • ‘Being’ Begets ‘Doing’: Establishing the Conditions Necessary for Cultivating Therapeutic Relationships by Dr. Maxi Miciak
  • Panel - Psychosocial Influences On Pain And Its Treatment moderated by Dr. Jeffrey Mogil, panelists: Dr. Beth Darnall, Dr. Leonie Koban, and Dr. Christopher Moyer
  • As Providers, What We Say Matters....Matters A Lot by Sharna Prasad
  • A Case For Compassion In Pain Care by Shelly Prosko
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) by Alison Sim
  • More Than Words: How Can We Help People Express Their Experience Of Pain? by Mike Stewart 
  • Getting From "Perhaps" To "Yes": Motivation, Confidence, And Communication by Dr. Bronnie Thompson
  • Willingness To Have Pain And Commitment To Valued Living In Pain by Dr. Kevin Vowles


Science: Exploring Pain Research

  • About the Psychology of Feeling by 2019 Keynote Dr. Antonio Damasio
  • Are We Ready To Translate Research Into Practice? by Dr. Karen Davis
  • Birth And Death Of The Pain Engram by Dr. Melissa Farmer
  • Fear In Chronic Pain: Mechanisms In Effective Treatment by Dr. Laura Simons and Dr. Rickard Wicksell
  • Pain In Mice And Man: Ironic Adventures In Translation by Dr. Jeffrey Mogil
  • Placebo And Nocebo: Different Contexts, Different Pains by Dr. Fabrizio Benedetti
  • The Brain In Chronic Pain by Dr. A. Vania Apkarian
  • Remembering The Pain In Childhood by 2020 Keynote Dr. Melanie Noel
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